Survey: Healthcare Costs Loom Large Among Women Medicare Recipients

Mar 2, 2021 / Amanda Chase, Horsesmouth Associate Editor

Women on Medicare worry more than men about their ability to pay future healthcare costs. Roughly two-thirds of females (66%) said they were either somewhat or very concerned compared to just over half (51%) of males. That’s among the key takeaways in this second report on a new healthcare cost survey of Medicare recipients 65 plus by

Women were also more likely than men to report having trouble paying health related costs within the past year, by a margin of 30% to 20%. The largest disparity lay in the cost of prescription drugs: 18% for women, 11% for men. Male respondents were more likely to get generics (45% vs 42%) or a larger supply (40% vs 35%) to save money on prescription drugs within the past year.

By age bracket, younger respondents (65 to 74) were more likely to report concerns about their ability to pay for future healthcare costs than those 75 and up. 62% of the 65 to 74 bracket said they were very or somewhat concerned. By contrast, only 55% of respondents aged 75 and older cited concerns about their ability to pay for future healthcare costs. Medicare recipients also split by age on paying for healthcare. Nearly three in 10 (28%) 65 to 74 year-olds said they had trouble paying healthcare bills within the last year. Less than two in 10 (18%) Medicare beneficiaries aged 75 and older described similar difficulties. 17% of the 65 to 74 bracket said they faced trouble affording prescription drugs, compared to only 11% of respondents aged 75 and older.

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