Get Started With Savvy Social Security Planning

The information and resources in this program will help you guide your clients and become known as an expert on Social Security claiming rules and strategies. Join Savvy Social Security Planning today and start building your expertise.

Below are a few things to help you get started.

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Getting Acquainted

  1. Schedule a desktop demo of the site. Follow this link to schedule a walkthrough of the key features of the Savvy Social Security Planning program.
  2. Read the latest Savvy Social Security Planning newsletter. Elaine Floyd’s email newsletters include news, updates and tips to help you build your knowledge base.

  3. Use the Savvy Social Security Planning calculators. Visit our Calculators page here and start exploring our tools. Read each calculator’s report. They make excellent client education handouts.
  4. Explore the Savvy Social Security Question and Answer forum. It’s the largest collection of Social Security Q&As anywhere. More than 14,000 advisor questions and Elaine Floyd’s answers are all there. Read through previous Q&As or enter your own question and start learning.
  5. Review our Social Security Presentations. There are six FINRA-reviewed presentations you may use to educate your clients and impress centers of influence. Presentation-related marketing materials—including email invitations, postcards, posters and press releases—may also be found on this page.

Becoming known as an expert on Social Security

  1. Download and customize our comprehensive Marketing Toolkit PDF for help in planning and conducting successful workshops. The Marketing Toolkit contains tips and tricks for putting on a great event, as well as checklists to keep you organized every step of the way.
  2. Teach Social Security classes. Practice and prepare to give Savvy Social Security presentations. Whether you give classes, workshops, seminars, or lunch and learns, this is an excellent way to educate the public and become known as a Social Security expert.
  3. Order more copies of the Boomer’s Guide to Social Security, an informative client handout. You should have received 50 copies with your membership. You can hand these out at workshops or give them to qualified clients when they make an appointment with you. Keep a good supply on hand.
  4. Check out our client reprints, a series of client-friendly Social Security articles written by Elaine Floyd. These reprints may be customized with your logo and picture, so they work well as both a marketing tool and an educational resource.

Further Education

  1. Visit our webinars page and start reviewing Elaine’s presentations on successful Social Security planning.
  2. Dive into our full-length educational books if you haven’t already done so: The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy Social Security Planning and 135 Social Security Questions Answered.
  3. Check out our 2019 Quick Reference Guide, where you’ll find key numbers at your fingertips. Order customized copies with your logo and contact information and send them to your strategic allies.
  4. Take the CE Exam for 12 CE credits, granted by the CFP® Board of Standards, once you’re confident in your knowledge base.
  5. Attend one of our in-person 2-Day Savvy Social Security and Medicare Planning Workshops. This intensive 2-day crash course, taught by Elaine Floyd, CFP® will help you deepen and expand your knowledge of Social Social Security and Medicare, no matter what level you are at. It is also a great opportunity to network with other Social Security advisors. Check your email for updates on upcoming workshops or visit our Financial Educator Workshop Series page for more details.
  6. Sign up for our Savvy Social Security Group Coaching, taught by professional business coach Chris Holman. These sessions, held by teleconference, will help you retain your Social Security learning and give you the opportunity to develop collegial relationships with other advisors. If you’re interested, visit this page and call us at (888) 336-6884, ext. 1.


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